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I spent 15 years working as a secondary school English teacher before I turned to full time writing, so I have a good grasp of the education system. I’ve written for a large number of sector publications, including Education Guardian and the TES, about everything from plagiarism to school furniture, and every stage from nursery up to vocational and higher education. I also write about the wider issues affecting the education and welfare of children and young people.

Here are a few of my favourite education articles from the archives.

Education articles

Why aren’t there more places like this?

The topic is “space”, and George is making a giant alien flower out of shiny, coloured paper. A teaching assistant helps him to spread the glue with a spatula.

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Behind the face

The pictures are shocking. One soldier has had his entire jaw blown away, and another has a gaping hole where his nose should be.

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Feed family, do homework

Do I get my homework done, or make sure my brothers and sisters get some dinner? That was the stark choice faced by…

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Ever since the inception of coursework, there have been concerns about the potential for abuse.

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